SSP is a power trio from Austin Texas. SSP gets their inspiration from classic blues, rock, jazz, and funk. Performing sophisticated originals and twists on classics with high-octane beats, throbbing bass, and stratospheric improv, SSP elevates mere performance into a transcendent experience where hearts pound, fists rise, and feet hit the floor.

"Shows are the sacrament ... rich and full of blissful, transcendent musical moments that move the body and enrich the soul." ~Blair Jackson, Rolling Stone Magazine

Scott also performs solo acoustic music. His solo site is at

For bookings, lesson, or questions you can contact Scott at or call 813-751-7877


Scott is a new generation of Texas guitar hero in the tradition of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson. Like the later, Scott is equally adept at blues, rock, jazz, and funk, frequently interspersing his solos with jazzy bebop runs as well as spicy Texas blues phrases.

His grooves resonate with the 70s funk of Sly and the Family Stone and "Bitches Brew" era Miles Davis. And his Fender Strat derived tones are exceptionally thick and clear as a bell, with a woody resonance and fuzzy warmth reminiscent of Jeff Beck. Add to that Scott’s earthy tenor voice and creative songwriting and you have one hell of a package.

Keep your eye on Scott, for chances are he won’t be just an underground favorite in the Austin guitar scene for long. ~GP Magazine